SCK 6 — 15

Operational efficiency and reliability are key in this series of high-performance belt-driven compressors

Key benefits:

SCK 6-15

  • Available as floor or tank mounted, with or without an integrated dryer
  • Different pressure set-ups for optimised power use and variable pressure (8-13 bar) output to match your needs
  • A highly reliable belt-driven IP55 motor guaranteed continued operational efficiency
  • Reduced noise level (59-62 dB) allows for integration on the work floor
  • Oversized, low-maintenance air and oil cooling system assures increased performance
  • Reliable AIR CONTROL control system for fixed speed machines optimizes the energy consumption
  • An intelligent Inverter system keeps the pressure constant by regulating the motor’s rotation speed according to the air demand
  • High-quality dryer extends the lifetime of the air tools


Performance and reliability come together in the high-quality ALUP SCK 6 — 15 range of belt-driven compressors to meet all your needs. The range combines advanced technology tailored to your operational demands, and is available as a floor or tank mounted version, with or without an integrated dryer. At its heart you find a highly reliable belt-driven IP55 motor with a low-maintenance air and oil cooling system, which assures exceptional operational efficiency. In addition, the fixed machines feature the AIR CONTROL control system, which allows for the further optimisation of the energy consumption.